Monday, March 10, 2014

My First Macaron Coin Purse

Try and eror ... for one night only ... And here is the result! I made this from felt fabric ^_^ And the size of this purse is only about 5 cm. So tiny and cute right? And I put a keyholder there, so I can use it as my keychain! Yeaayyy!!!

Macaron Coin Purse
I'll make another cute coin purse as soon as I get the cute fabric for this. Just wait till I have free time, okay! 
P.S.: I can teach you of how to make this cute purse. It's soooo easyyyyy... Just come to bibacraft studio at Jl. Gajayana III B//546 A Malang-65144. I don't charge any rupiah for this. Just come and bring your own material (don't forget to bring da snack lol) hahahhahha.... Text me at 0888-5852-400 to make an apointment with me, okay! By the way, I have whatsapp/sms/kakao/viber/line/weChat. Everyone are very welcome to bibacraft's studio.

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