Monday, February 16, 2015

Bibacraft's Letter!

colorful letter
Good news! From now on, we have our fat and cute letter's collection in many color!!!! Check this out! 5cm's long.
Puzzle: Can you find your name here?
Tinggi huruf: 5 cm (tinggi pola huruf : 5,5 cm, setelah terisi dakron maka tinggi huruf menjadi 5 cm)
Harga (tinggi 5cm): Rp. 3.000,-/pcs
1 set ( A-Z / 26 pcs) : Rp. 65.000 (@ Rp. 2.500)
Bisa memesan sesuai warna & ukuran yang diinginkan. No minimum order.

Harga (tinggi 4cm=3,5 cm): Rp. 2.500/pcs
1 set = 26 pcs = A-Z (tinggi 4cm): Rp. 60.000

Pink's Letter
Red-yellow Letter

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