Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Very Welcome Our New Reseller from Lampung!

Awalnya hanya iseng memesan untuk anaknya, akhirnya berminat menjadi reseller kita. Hohohoho .... Reseller kita yang satu ini memesan 10 set boneka jari, 2 gantungan kunci, dan 11 pensil hias (ganjil amat yakkk.... hahahhhaha .. it's okay, costumer unik ini namanya). Mari berantakin kamar lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....
Few weeks ago, my friend has ordered some crafts for her kids, then finally she wants to become Bibacraft's reseller. Yeayyy!!! Now she order 10 sets of finger puppet, 2 keychains and 11 pencil topper. Let's make some mess, guys! hahahhaha
1st Week: proses gunting Pola

Ready to be sew by hand
First Week of the process
2nd week: more messy than before lol
Second week of the process
This pict below that everyone know on my facebook. More neat, right? ya iyalaahhh mo mejeng di pesbuk gitu lohhh ... tujuan pencitraan pastinyaa hahhahahha. bandingkan dengan yang di atas, gubraaaaakk

What you saw on my facebook -lol-
Kali ini sang reseller (tidak bisa kita sebutkan namanya -ceileee........) memesan beberapa seri boneka jari yang bibacraft belum pernah membuatnya. wahh tantangan ini. Dia ingin kita buatkan seri hello kitty, angry bird, dan seri kero keroppi. Siaaapppppppp!!!

This time, the reseller (sorry, can't mention her name this time) wants some new series of finger puppet that bibacrafts haven't make it. She wants finger puppetes these series : Hello Kitty, angry bird, and kero keroppi. OK mam, we'll try our best.  
Sketch for new finger puppet's series
Aaanddd here is the result of bibacraft's hardwork of these 2 weeks!
Hello Kitty's keychain
10 sets of finger puppet, 2 keychain, & 11 pencil topper
The package sent via ESL
Harga & model-model lain dari boneka jari bisa dicek disini. Harga gantungan kunci bisa di cek disiniSemua crafts sudah lolos uji kelayakan by our quality control staff. If she (this kid) said it's bad or not cute or she doesn't like it, we won't send the crafts to the customer.
Quality control staff -lol-
Still wondering why it took so long just to make these 10 sets of finger puppets? Hahaaa .. I'l try to explain, the owner of Bibacraft is a woman who work for IEC Malang 3 as an administration staff, so, she spent half of her day for working in her office. The other half is for sleeping, crafting, and doing some other stuff at home. She crafts at night only and full day of crafting only in the holiday. So, no wonder she needs long time to make these cute things. Hopefully all Bibacraft's customer could understand that. I believe they do ^_^. Thanks for the order, Lampung! Good luck for becoming our reseller.

2 days later .......

Paketnya udah nyampe Lampung! cepet juga yakk expedisi ESL ini? murah pula! keren! Dan sang reseller pun berbaik hati mengijinkan foto2 juniornya utk dipasang di blog ini. Trimakasih banyak yakkkk ^_^

si Ganteng bawa paket yg baru nyampe
Reseller's son

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